When you are younger what you wear may not have so much an impact on the things that you do. However when you get older the way that you dress, starts to really matter. Even if you are someone who does not know much about fashion and who prefers casual wear, the truth is that everyone looks at how you represent yourself. The way that a person dresses says a lot about who they are and what their value system may be.

An example of how what you wear makes a state is imagine going to a job interview in tracksuit pants. This will show people that you do not care and you not able to make the effort to even dress in the appropriate manner. The chances are high that in this instant you will not get the job. Something as simple as your dress code really can end up making or breaking you and your career.

One of the biggest fashion statements especially for females are shoes. Iconic shoes are worn by celebrities all over the world. Females will pay huge amounts of money and even buy shoes on auction because they are iconic shoes and they make a fashion statement. There are females who even collect shoes and they have more shoes than the average person has clothes.

When a female attends a fashion event, casino night or an entertainment night at a casino, what she wears speaks volumes about her. There is nothing better than dressing to impress with the perfect dress and a pair of iconic shoes that make other females stare in envy. Although the men won’t really understand her shoes, you can be assured that other fashion enthusiasts will be able to immediately recognise her iconic shoes and they will probably also know how pricey they are.