What females really think about mens shoes

When it comes to men and their feet, you will be surprised at what people really think. The world is a very judgmental place and the likes of social media is adding to this. In today’s times, fashion, looks, material items and status seem to be taking over more than ever before. The truth is that single men may have it very hard. There are many females who actually go about judging men by the shoes that they wear.

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Although a male should never buy a pair of mens shoes to impress a female, the truth is that some people really do look at these things. Not only do females judge males by their shoes but other males may judge them to. In situations such as job interviews and events it is more important than ever to have a clean pair of shoes. When it comes to mens shoes it may not be so much about the brand as opposed to the type of shoes and the condition of the shoes.

You see if people see mens shoes on someone which looks dirty or even broken this may be seen as something deeper. People and especially females may jump to all sorts of conclusions such as this person does not take care of themselves. Even though this may not make logical sense to everyone to the people with these views that may make complete sense.

In terms of going out for a night as a male the type of shoes which you wear may say a lot about you. If you are successful you don’t want to wear mens shoes which are not appropriate for the occasion such as slops. It is always important to wear shoes which are appropriate for the place that you go. When going to a casino, rather wear a smarter pair of shoes and make sure that they are very clean and respectful.

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